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I've always been involved in technology. By the age of 12 i saved up and built my first computer. By 13 i had my first website and by 16 my first full time job developing. Since then I've excelled even further. I have over 10 years experience working in digital design and digital marketing. Below is a selection of my recent projects, Take a look around and if you want, please feel free to get in touch.

Worked on one of the worlds largest health care related websites. Helped with design implementations and strategy to grow business and sales. Created hundreds of replicated websites to help increase organic search results for and the doctors or clients personalized website as well. Worked with a 10 man development team to deliver the latest cutting edge technology.

More About serves more than 30 million visitors and has collected more than 620,000 patient reviews and 1.1 million satisfaction survey responses. makes healthcare practitioners and procedures easier to shop.


Developed a million page directory based website using the latest technology available. Users are directed to local restaurants, nightlife and activities via a geolocation system using their IP address. The website also lists local venues and artists upcoming events using API pulled from Prediction based search helps guide the user in the right direction and a paid featured listing will boost the listing to the top of that category.

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E2E is assembling the best collection of local entertainment, dining and nightlife information along with national event tickets, event reviews, entertainment ratings, special offers, discounts and promos.

E2E will also help businesses publish search-friendly and mobile-friendly marketing content, special promotions, schedules and real-time offers to generate additional business.

E2E users are provided tools to add and share listings, write articles and reviews, publish recommendations, and vote for the best content and resources.

E2E plans to take local to the hyper-local level with in-depth guided insider tours by the people who know their community the best (might be you!).Visitor surveys help confirm the facts from the hype and in time.

E2E will be the leading place to find out what you can do for fun anywhere, anytime and get a great deal too.


Managed a team to build a comprehensive ticket system for finding the best deals on all sporting, musical, theater and broadway events. Optimized website to target specific keywords. Created a directory based system from the API

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Welcome to, the Best Seats in the House! We are proud to bring you the best sports, concerts and theater tickets from around the nation. Explore the site, search for your favorite teams or events, and feel confident selling your tickets through our fan-to-fan marketplace. Sign up for our discount newsletter to save even more off our already low ticket prices. Order online or call us at 866-214-2514 between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 1 A.M. Eastern Time. Tell your friends about us because, unlike other ticket marketplaces, we don't spend millions on licensing fees and major sports contracts and are able to pass the savings on to you! Thanks for your time and welcome again to!

Search optimized a pre-built Wordpress website and started development on a new responsive website. Built an email marketing campaign which has been highly successful and delivered an abundance of customers.

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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct and comprehensive system of primary health care that uses natural methods and substances to support and stimulate the body’s self healing process.” (A Consumer’s Guide to Naturopathic Medicine published by the State of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs September 2009.) Naturopathic doctors are trained in a wide variety of complimentary and alternative therapies including: herbal and homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition and diet; vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and nutraceuticals; physical medicine such as massage, bodywork, exercise therapy and hydrotherapy; counseling and behavioral therapies; and health and lifestyle counseling. In addition, naturopathic doctors may prescribe hormones and may also order other prescription drugs in collaboration with a medical doctor.


Redesigned and developed a responsive website. Canieathere is a directory based website that works off of local searches. Imported thousands of listings from csv's and optimized meta data automatically using backend software.

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Sarah Stolp and Juli La Porte, both having celiac disease, created to bridge the gap between the consumer, who eats gluten free or has a food allergy, and restaurants that can accommodate their special dietary needs. is dedicated to aiding the consumer in making informed choices about where they eat. In addition, offers a variety of allergy free/gluten free recipes, information and resources; making it a one-stop shop for those who require special diets or have chosen to live an overall healthier lifestyle.


Designed and developed a responsive template to incorporate the latest languages in the web world. Created a design to allow for modifications to front end development and creations of oil rig boats. Allowed for print views, comparison views and interactive graphs and charts.

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URC provides technical safety and project risk management consulting services to the oil and gas industry, focused primarily on upstream and mid-stream projects and facilities.


Volunteered to create a website to help organize and captivate the users. Search optimized which increased the amount of little league sign ups. Ran an email campaign to help parents stay up to date and help raise money for the league.

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Little League allows kids to play with players of their own playing ability rather than being categorized based on age. It allows younger kids with more playing experience to play at a higher level when appropriate.


Created and developed a website for a consulting firm to generate leads. Search optimized their website to win results related the given keywords.

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LionsFace Consulting was created by Teddy in 2013 to mitigate threats of violence in schools and other places that the public may gather. He established LionsFace Consulting to standardize the type of training being offered and to only align with organizations that provide professional and comprehensive protective training.


Developed a system to generate replicated site with a click of a button. Automated cPanel and mysql database creations with pre-selected templates. Was able to turn around over 50 websites very quickly.

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We leverage a global panel of online consumer behavior data to target and generate high quality inquiries in ways no other company can.

Developed backend software to allow for client and customer to pass documents back and forth for editing. Software would notify clients and customers of any modifications and allow for download after.

More About AIS

For high quality appraisals in the City of San Marcos and San Diego County, call AIS Appraisal Services LLC


Built a beautiful responsive blogging website with the sole purpose to capture the users. Developed easy methods for the client to update and write content. Setup automated Search optimization for when new content is added.

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Mindful Monkey was created for family individuals to help them accomplish juggling a family, nutrition, fitness and health.

Built a comprehensive and detailed template for earnware so promote their services and business. Installed useful tools for clients and incorporated WHMCS to work with WHM and cPanel automation. Created a client side dashboard so users can manage, domains, hosting and other services. Created and maintained multiple apache based servers. Ran email marketing campaigns and did project management for some of their in house projects.

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Established in 1997 by John Valenty to help businesses improve sales, communications, and customer relationships. Earnware serves thousands of small businesses, large networks, and serious web publishers.


Built my own website so i can get more traffic! Made it much easier for possible clients to navigate and find the information they need. Created my own hosting servers and name servers so I can easily manage all websites.

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all your web work under one roof What ever your needs are, GO Web Work has the tools and experiences to get it done at an affordable price. We have been getting things done for you for over 10 years.


Created a community based website for local farmers and personal gardeners to share seeds and ideas for the best way to plant and grow all kinds of plants.

Created a Joomla and Magento hybrid site. Each of the systems work hand and hand to compliment the functionality and optimization of Joomla and the fluid and reliable system of Magento. Small directory was built as well however the main focus is on blogging and sales of their products.

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For years, we have wondered, “Why do some people look and feel decades younger than others the same age?” Is it simply a matter of “lucky” genetic coding or could there be more to youthful vitality? At Ageless Impact, we believe the answer is indeed much, much more!


Developed a goal based website that encourages users to create survival lists and check off items as they accomplish them. Designed with the user in mind making it simple to add new items and manage your List of goals. Users can create goals and have other users add items to that goal or restrict it to be a private goal.

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MSEF is a team of former and current military trainers and recruiters, business professionals and partner entities committed to providing cutting edge, world-class training to military, law enforcement and, most important, veterans to establish post-service careers in the security and counter terrorism fields.


Created an information website that is search optimized for local Recovery Investment Loss Attorney. Custom template and fully responsive.

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Law Firm Dedicated To the Recovery of Investment Losses. Richard A. Nervig, P.C. is a securities litigation law firm dedicated to representing the elderly and retirees with disputes against the financial services industry. If you or a loved one has sustained investment losses in excess of $100,000 and you suspect that you were not provided with all the facts necessary for you to make an informed investment decision, that your investments are not appropriate for your needs or if you are simply suspicious about your investment losses, you owe it to yourself to contact an experienced securities litigation attorney to discuss your situation.


Built a responsive Nanny Care and Baby Sitter finder search. Most results are forwarded to an affiliate site which turns users into leads. Optimized site for organic search results which boosted traffic and increased leads.

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Nanny Care is your top source for finding qualified loving nannies, babysitters and other types of household help. Founded in 2000, Nanny Care has helped thousands of families find nannies all over the United States. Nanny Care has been featured in multiple news segments, such as KUSI and FOX 6 News in San Diego, and has been highlighted in countless magazines for its expertise and success in the nanny industry.


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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein
  • Ryan's work was always on time, accurate and a good value. Always eager to make adjustments and available whenever he was needed. - Thanks
  • Great experiences working with Ryan both as a webmaster, project manager and manager of our hosting systems. He's got a broad skill set and a great work ethic. He's able to take on very complicated projects himself or with a team. I will definitely be hiring for web projects again.
  • Ryan helped me to build my website/blog. I was impressed with his professionalism and quality of work. He explained things to me as we went along in creating the site. The finished product was exactly as I had envisioned it would be.
  • Ryan Loeffler and Go Web Work are the BEST! Ryan is Honest and Hard Working. Thank You for all you did for our Little League.
  • I am so pleased with the unique design and formatting that Ryan Loeffler at Go Web Work accomplished for my website.  My website is very professional and represents me and the services I offer to my attorney clients all over the United States.

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